Workshops & Thematic Sessions

People, Place, Meaning: Crafting Social Worlds & Social Making

Making Futures is designed as a series of plenary Keynotes, interspersed by simultaneous parallel sessions consisting of four Workshops and three Thematic Sessions that delegate-presenters are invited to submit proposals to. Full descriptions of each of these workshops and thematic sessions can be found under the following links:



Submitting a Proposal:

To submit a proposal to one of the workshops or thematic sessions, use the online form on the 'Submit Your Abstract' page. Inevitably, there exists a degree of overlap across the seven workshops and thematic sessions, meaning a submission might potentially be linked to more than one area. Moreover, we are, in principle, open to submissions that might not fit easily within any of the suggested lines of investigation. That said, it is important that authors select just one Workshop or Thematic Session that they feel their submission predominately addresses. If you wish you can additionally select a second choice by selecting a second option. However, if you do this, make clear which is your first option in your abstract text. We will of course endeavour to honour these choices, subject to the fact that we must necessarily reserve the right to curate the final Programme according to the quantity and quality of submissions received and in ways that may not mirror exactly how the topics are presented here.