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Tactile Change

By Mathew Raw

Exhibition Opening event, Thursday 19 Sept 5-7PM. Open to the public Friday 20th September to Saturday 16th November. The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art

Tactile Change is a new participatory, collaborative project by artist Matthew Raw, in collaboration with Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Plymouth College of Art and The Box.

Tactile Change developed from research into a zoo that was once housed at Central Park in Plymouth. The zoo acted as a holding pen for animals including elephants who were brought to the city via boat and held at the park before being taken to other sites. Using the character of a travelling elephant as a starting point, Matthew wrote a short story for children, inviting pupils from Plymouth School of Creative Arts to create their own elephant designs in response to the artists story. The elephant in this instance is used to represent and raise questions about journeying, migration, transience and containment.

A selection of the young people’s designs have formed repeating motifs for new ceramic tiles (in part inspired by the work of ceramicist and teacher Peggy Angus) which are being created with students from Plymouth College of Art, to form semi-permanent installations at the school, Central Park and as part of Matt’s exhibition.

Other new works for the exhibition include a large door-installation exploring ideas of education, the importance of making being at the centre of learning, and ideas about what progress looks like; alongside a new series of ceramic printing blocks.

For Making Futures the artist will host a live printing event utilising the ceramic printing blocks. Limited edition ceramic prints produced by the artist will also be available for sale during the conference.