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Agente Costura: making music out of making clothes

By Lisa Simpson

Conference performance event, following the conference dinner on Thursday 19th September

Lisa Simpson will give a solo musical sewing performance following the conference dinner at Plymouth College of Art from between 9:15PM and 10:00PM. Open to all Making Futures delegates irrespective of whether you are joining us for the conference meal or not.

Lisa Simpson in performance 2018 at roxy teather in Ulm, photo by Klaus Erika Dietl.

Performing with her prepared sewing machine turned into sound box, her talking hats and musical handbags, Agente Costura's surprising improvisations are based on the sound of sewing, the repetitiveness of an amplified machine layered with the melodic features of self made wearable analog electronic instruments, all combined within a thrilling visual performance. For Making Futures Lisa Simpson has prepared a special “Pocket Show”, where the composition is created by the sewing of pockets on the clothes of interested audience members, who are also warmly invited to interact with her instruments.